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Training to develop better leaders

Who are the people on your leadership team – and what’s holding them back?

What new information do they need to become:

  • More confident?
  • More effective?
  • Top performers?

Training programs equip your leaders with new knowledge, skills and tools so they can achieve their individual potential, improve the business and move your organization closer toward its vision.

Training programs are designed especially for nonprofits, public agencies and small businesses – even startups

We design training programs on specific aspects of leadership development to match the precise needs of your leadership team:

  • Nonprofits and public agencies
    • Mid-level managers
    • Executives
    • CEOs
  • Startups or small businesses
    • Entrepreneurs

Many organizations have advanced their teams with training on these and other aspects of leadership development:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
    • Understanding the instrument and how to use it
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and engaged feedback
  • Alignment of mission, vision and values
  • Fear of change
    • Why do people resist change?
    • What can we do about it?
  • Embracing the leadership role
  • Inspiring high-performing leaders
  • Team building
  • Succession planning

Meet Rhonda Reagh

I know what it takes to train and develop better leaders

  1. Knowledge
    As a licensed independent social worker since 1980, I train from a foundation of social work knowledge, steeped in years of experience working in public agencies and nonprofit organizations and with the diverse populations they serve.
  2. Skills and experience
    During my 30-plus years in social services administration, I was a proud public servant who led people in highly complex organizations – from the very small to the very large. So I lived the challenges of leadership every day.
  3. Time in the classroom
    For more than three decades, I have taught social work and management courses at several Ohio universities including The Ohio State University and Wright State University. I know how to tailor content instinctively to meet the needs of different learners in the classroom.

Leadership training from a coach’s perspective

As a personal and executive coach as well as a trainer, I can help you:

  • Decipher what has – or has not – worked in the past
  • Discover how to relate a new training concept to what you do every day as a leader in your organization
  • Apply a new training concept to solve a problem you are experiencing right now

And I’m always on the lookout for “a coaching moment”: the chance to work one-on-one to help an individual build a new skill on the fly.

Read more about Rhonda Reagh.

What you can expect

Before the training begins, I will:

  • Ask the right questions to learn about you, your organization and how you work
  • Assess where participants are on the leadership development spectrum
  • Listen to your expectations about learning outcomes

During the training, I will:

  • Start where the group is and tailor the training accordingly
  • Present material how the group needs to hear it
  • Ask provocative questions to help peel back the layers of discovery
  • Keep it interactive – plenty of time for discussion and feedback
  • Make it comfortable for everyone to participate
  • Help individuals apply principles to challenges they face every day
  • Involve everyone in problem solving so the group benefits from a diversity of knowledge, experiences and opinions
  • I take a systems approach to training – looking first at individuals and then the role they play in the larger system – and recommend ways to adapt.

What will change for you and your leadership team?

After the training, you will:

  • Know what your challenges really are
  • Be confident in your ability to talk about – and apply – what you have learned
  • Leave with the framework and initial steps toward an intervention plan
  • Know how to apply new concepts where they can make the most difference:
    • Immediate work group
    • Larger work team
    • Leadership circle
    • Executive committee
    • Board of directors
    • Volunteers
    • Constituents

Choose from half-day to multiple-day trainings for either small or large groups

Format options:

  • Half-day
  • One day
  • Multiple-day
  • Retreats

Delivery options:

  • Face-to-face
  • Webinar format (for shorter trainings)

Group size:

  • Small groups (6–25 people)
  • Large groups (25–100 people)

Train your leaders – and move your organization closer toward its vision

Contact me today at rreagh@reaghandassociates.com or 937.901.5612 so we can discuss your organization, your challenges and your team’s precise training needs.

Take that first step to find the answers that lie within you!