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Consulting to build effective organizations

What are the biggest issues facing your organization today?

  • C-suite development?
  • Board function and governance?
  • Leadership development?
  • Productivity and efficiency?
  • Change management?
  • Communication?
  • Trust?
  • Lack of creativity and innovation?
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving?
  • Hiring and firing?
  • Strained work teams?
  • Departmental silos?
  • Meeting dynamics?
  • Succession planning?

Consulting services help you define and treat the real problems that get in the way of productivity, performance and progress in your organization.

Consulting solutions are designed especially for nonprofits, public agencies and small businesses – even startups

We deliver consulting solutions to match the precise needs of your organization and your leadership team:

  • Nonprofits and public agencies
    • Mid-level managers
    • Executives
    • CEOs
  • Startups or small businesses
    • Entrepreneurs

We help you develop and work on a specific plan to address your most important issues – step by step.

Meet Rhonda Reagh

Don’t settle for mediocrity! I can help you tackle tough problems – and create high-performing teams – even in the most challenging environments

As a licensed independent social worker since 1980, I consult from a foundation of social work knowledge, steeped in years of experience working in public agencies and nonprofit organizations and with the diverse populations they serve. So I intimately understand the many key challenges you face such as:

  • Recruiting a skilled workforce
  • Operating on a slim budget
  • Complying with laws and regulations
  • Dealing with bureaucracies
  • Working with a board
  • Shaping public perceptions

During my 30-plus years in social services administration, I was a proud public servant who led people in highly complex organizations – from the very small to the very large. My willingness to be vulnerable throughout my career – and take calculated risks – led to creativity and innovation. Asking “What if?” and “Why not?” inspired new visions, encouraged collaboration and led to lasting change for individuals, leaders, teams and entire organizations.

Read more about Rhonda Reagh.

Consulting philosophy

Every consulting assignment starts with one or more problems. The solutions we seek are focused on people and mission:

  • How will this solution help the people you serve?
  • How will this solution help you accomplish your mission?

Consulting process


Step 1: Discuss your organization, your challenges and your needs for consulting. Sometimes the symptoms you describe may be a sign of a much different problem.


Step 2: Collect evidence. Through interviews, survey instruments, observations and focus groups, we gain a deep understanding of your organization, your people, team dynamics and the issues at play. No assumptions are made.


Step 3: Assess the issues and identify the problems, often at various levels of the organization. The evidence gathered and reported may reveal that the issues and problems are not what people say they are. The assessment is thorough, objective and evidence-based, and the problems are clearly identified.


Step 4: Design a negotiated intervention plan that addresses the real issues and problems. Interventions may take several forms:

  • New program development
  • New policy development
  • Change strategies
  • Mediation
  • Staffing recommendations
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Referrals

The negotiated plan outlines what is reasonable and possible in your organization. Clear recommendations and solutions are summarized in a final report.


Step 5: Make the recommended changes.
This last step is ultimately up to you to complete.

If you put the intervention on the shelf – nothing will change.

If you take action – change can begin.

And when you do, we’ll be there to help lead you – every step of the way.

Consulting works best with small groups. We can meet face-to-face, by phone or through video calls on Skype – whatever you prefer.

We can help you make many changes, which over time can lead to significant change

But that requires a commitment from you to be:

  • Forthcoming with key information
  • Transparent and honest about your needs, issues and problems
  • Engaged fully in the process
  • Creative and innovative – and willing to take calculated risks – to help the people you serve and fulfill your mission

Consulting helped organizations make changes like these:

  • Because of inconsistent communication, a local organization was always embroiled in public controversy. Consulting helped leaders collaborate on a vision for what the public needs to know.
  • A large public agency never had a coherent and unifying mission statement. Consulting helped the agency develop a clear mission statement the board, staff – even the public – agree on.
  • A regional organization was always seen as a top-down place to work. Through focus groups and mediation, staff and management developed a relationship and shared values. Staff and management now enjoy routine dialogue.

What’s getting in the way of progress in your organization? Tackle it!

Contact me today at rreagh@reaghandassociates.com or 937.901.5612 so we can discuss your organization, your challenges and your needs for consulting – and then start discovery and assessment.

Take that first step to find the answers that lie within you!