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Executive Coaching

Do you wrestle with all the expectations, responsibilities and decisions wrapped up in your role as a manager, executive or CEO?

Do you:

  • Ever wonder whether you’re really prepared to lead?
  • Worry that you’re not as effective as you could be?
  • Avoid confrontation?
  • Feel unsure about hiring and firing?
  • Miss the mark when communicating with your executive team, employees and diverse stakeholders?
  • Lack complete confidence when making tough decisions about operations, staff and budgets?
  • Agonize over work/life balance?
  • Sometimes feel vulnerable, lost or alone in your role?

Executive coaching helps you identify and address your unique and specific challenges so you can grow into the leader you were meant to be.

Meet Rhonda Reagh

I’m an advanced, certified executive coach who can help you identify your strengths and realize your true potential

During my 30-plus years in social services administration, I helped people at all levels navigate life’s toughest challenges.

So I’m hard-wired to treat you with dignity, listen with empathy and respond with honesty. My style is low-key and non-judgmental.

A licensed independent social worker since 1980, I coach from a foundation of social work knowledge, steeped in years of experience working in public agencies and nonprofit organizations and with the diverse populations they serve. My willingness to be vulnerable throughout my career – and take calculated risks – led to creativity and innovation. Asking “What if?” and “Why not?” inspired new visions, encouraged collaboration and led to lasting change for individuals, leaders, teams and entire organizations.

As your executive coach, I can help you better understand yourself and others so you can better manage yourself and your relationships. Your starting point is more self-awareness – and more self-confidence.

Read more about Rhonda Reagh, an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach (ACPEC) through the College of Executive Coaching. The college teaches an assessment-based professional coaching process adapted from the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the early pioneers in executive coaching. The college’s Certified Personal and Executive Coach program has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

How we’ll work together

Because I believe a good coach is a good facilitator, we begin where you are.

  • You’ll take one or more assessments to determine your focus, identify specific issues and lead the way for executive coaching.
  • You’ll set the agenda to create the change you want.
  • You’ll decide how you want to be held accountable.

We’ll work together as equals. And we’ll build a foundation of trust. During confidential coaching sessions, we’ll discuss what has gone well – and what hasn’t – and what you want to work on next.

Along the way, you’ll learn new tools that will teach you how to think about or handle situations in different ways. As you practice using these tools, you’ll take risks, gain skills and learn lessons. By discovering what works – and what doesn’t – you’ll be ready to tackle the next question or challenge on your executive agenda.

Your agenda can change overnight or over time. When it does, we’ll adapt our coaching sessions to exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Coaching sessions can be weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly, with “tune-ups” as requested. We can meet face-to-face, by phone or through video calls on Skype – whatever you prefer. You’ll get email support (and even a little homework) between sessions.

What you can expect from me

I will: 

  • Help you peel back the layers of discovery by drawing on my experience in social work and my understanding of human behavior
  • Ask provocative questions to ignite your thinking
  • Listen and help you self-assess when you are at a pivotal point in your decision-making
  • Help you find the humor in certain situations and look at yourself objectively, which leads to new revelations
  • Encourage you to be vulnerable and take risks
  • Challenge you to use your new tools and practice your new skills so you can grow

What will change for you?

You will:

  • Become more aware of yourself and others so you can better manage yourself and your relationships
  • Discover your strengths so you can use them to make changes in your life
  • Come up with a personal plan for change that considers the unique dynamics of your environment at work
  • Develop self-confidence so you can go where you want to go

Executive coaching helped my clients make changes like these:

  • Giving clear feedback was always a struggle for Ed. Now he sits alongside members of his staff, engaging them to identify their challenges and solutions.
  • Ellen didn’t feel worthy of her position in the C-suite. Now she’s self-assured and embraces her leadership role.
  • Joanne was never decisive. Now she’s comfortable with her decisions – and sticks with them.
  • Greg always avoided conflict. Now he’s the first one to raise important issues and address them.
  • Patricia is a natural introvert but wrestled with her preference. Now she understands herself in the context of leadership and lets her authentic style shine through.

Executive coaching is a journey with many destinations along the way. So let’s begin!

Contact me today at rreagh@reaghandassociates.com or 937.901.5612 for your FREE 30-minute executive coaching session.

Take that first step to find the answers that lie within you!